Loving Corrections by adrienne maree brown (Pre-Order)

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We are excited for Loving Corrections, as it is going to be helpful for everyone. Pre Order your copy with us at this link. Your book will be ready for pick up or ship on the books release date of August 20, 2024. 

New York Times-bestselling author adrienne maree brown knows we need each other more than ever, and offers “loving corrections”: a roadmap towards collective power, righting wrongs, and true belonging 

This selection of prescient, compassionate essays explores patterns we engage in that are rooted in limited thinking. Through a lens of “loving correction” rather than mere critique, author adrienne maree brown helps us reimagine how to hold ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities accountable by setting clear boundaries, engaging in reflection, and nurturing honest relationships.

Building on her previous work—especially Holding Change and We Will Not Cancel Us—brown reminds us how much we need each other: "It is only through relationship that we learn how to be, understand our impact on others and explore small shifts that may yield remarkable collective change."

adrienne maree brown is a writer rooted in Detroit who now lives in Durham, NC. Her books include Emergent StrategyPleasure ActivismHolding Change, and the speculative-fiction trilogy, Grievers. A student of the works of Octavia E. Butler and Ursula K. Le Guin, brown is the editor of the Emergent Strategy Series, published by AK Press.

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