Feeding the Soul (Because It's My Business) : Finding Our Way to Joy, Love, and Freedom by Tabitha Brown (Signed Copies) (Pre-Order)

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Purchasing a book using is pre order link secures you a signed copy of Feeding the Soul shipped or pick up in store on the release date of September 28th 2021. 

The book is by Tabitha Brown, the actress and TikTok vegan superstar who became known as "America's Mom" for her warm, upbeat, encouraging messages--a warmth, funny, generous book of life lessons with style.

Brown's path to stardom was an unlikely one. While pursuing acting, she raised a family and struggled with a painful and debilitating autoimmune disorder that was finally cured by switching to a vegan diet, which she started talking about on TikTok.

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 "This bubbly viral sensation spreads joy to every corner of the internet, one vegan recipe at a time."

ESSENCE (magazine)

"Tabitha Brown has become a sensation on TikTok, where she gently shows her 2 million followers how to make simple vegan dishes. "Like so, like that." Her soothing tone is resonating widely at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has many of us on edge"

New York Times (Newspaper)


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