Adventures in Volcanoland : What Volcanoes Tell Us About the World and Ourselves

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 A mix of memoir, travel and popular science, charting journeys across deserts, through jungles and up ice caps, to some of the world s most important volcanoes, showing how these mountains of fire have and continue to shape our planet and its future.

  • A RIVETING SCIENTIFIC ADVENTURE: With fascinating stories from the world's most enigmatic volcanic landscapes, Adventures in Volcanoland will delight science lovers, travel gurus, readers of Ed Yong, Peter Wohlleben, or Robin Wall Kimmerer, and anyone fascinated by the hidden stories of the natural world.
  • WORLDWIDE FOCUS: Tamsin discusses volcanoes all over the globe, including mention of Cascade Arc, a series of volcanoes that rise out of California and span into Canada, piquing the interest of readers across North America.
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